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Teaching Statement

 In my studio, I facilitate open dialogue by identifying learning barriers and working together with the student to find the best solution for them. A level of support is necessary to facilitate the learning process, as are individualized lesson plans. Everyone can improve and achieve success if they are provided the opportunities. It is important to provide materials that are interesting to individual students, allowing them to explore what they are passionate about, while meeting a student’s needs and capacity. I encourage students to be proactive and curious about music, especially when they are working on their repertoire. I suggest that they explore other disciplines in the arts, like painting, literature and architecture, or even other fields such as science, sports, or pop culture. Music is never written in a vacuum; there is a sociohistorical context to every piece. Students must be well-rounded to understand concepts, historical periods, styles and culture. Students in this kind of environment are more self-sufficient, enthusiastic, engaged, and eager to continue growing and succeeding.  

Diversity Statement

 As a member of a minority group, diversity, inclusion and above all representation has a central role in my career and in my life. Despite providing valuable diverse perspectives, members of minority groups everywhere are often silenced, and the constant self-doubt, prejudice, and lack of opportunities they face are difficult to overcome. As an educator, I believe it is my responsibility to create a receptive and safe space for the full range of students’ ideas to be shared, personalities to be expressed and, above all, identities to be embraced. I achieve this environment in my classroom by taking special care to listen to my students and to elevate their voices, feelings, and experiences inside and outside the classroom. It is important to me that students who belong to a minority group participate in the discussion, bringing their unique point of view and assuring that their presence is noticed and valued. When every student participates, every student benefits.

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